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Precision Insights & Engagement™

Unlock Success with the Power of Precision in Marketing.

Through Precision Insights & Engagement (PIE) we empower casinos with real-time, location-based customer intelligence, enabling targeted marketing that truly resonates with specific demographic segments, leading to exceptional outcomes.

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Grab a Larger Slice
of the Gaming PIE

Uncover valuable customer data to identify players gambling with your competitors, recapture inactive customers currently gaming elsewhere, and even gain insights on your competitors' guests. Embrace new opportunities to maximize casino visitation and increase your share of wallet.


Hyper-Personalized Customer Profiles

Refine and target precise customer profiles by utilizing an array of demographic factors (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity, income) and psychographic variables (e.g., lifestyle, interests). Market directly to these segmented profiles with unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness.

Deploy Omni-Channel Campaigns with Actual Customer Data

Gain access to real customer names, physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and device IDs, empowering you to opt for Direct Mail, Email, Phone, CTV, OTT, or Social Media channels for powerful omni-channel campaigns.


Precision Mapping Redefined: Target
the Right Customers

Discover the revolutionary mapping technology that empowers you to locate any address with unprecedented precision, boasting sub-3-feet accuracy. Our industry-leading solution ensures you can target the right customers, with unmatched precision.

Amplify Your Target Audience

Leverage the power of household expansion, lookalike modeling, and our innovative social network expansion feature to amplify your target audience. Uncover high-value prospects by utilizing data from your best customers and target demographics, resulting in meaningful and effective marketing campaigns.


Maximize Your Market with Powerful Insights

Gain valuable insights on customer demographics, psychographics, and behavioral patterns for visitation to your casino, as well as for your competitors. Identify your strengths and any potential differentiators from competitors to develop new targeted marketing strategies to boost your slice of the gaming PIE.


Monitor and analyze campaigns to achieve your desired ROI


Any address; Any customer; Anywhere; Unparalleled accuracy


Target Active trip splitters, Inactives, and New Clients


Extensive coverage of over 95% of the US population


Customer names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and digital device IDs


500 million unique mobile devices  & 50 billion daily observations

Hear from our Partners

“ACS Precision Insights & Engagement (PIE) solution has changed the effectiveness of Black Oak Casino's paid digital and social. They are great to work with and I credit their product with bringing new and inactive players back to our resort.”

Danielle Chapel

Marketing Director, Black Oak Casino Resort

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